California roll 6
Crab stick, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds
California Masago roll 7
California top with Masago
Philly roll 7
Fresh salmon, avocado, cream cheese and sesame seeds
Crunchy Shrimp roll 8
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with tempura flakes and eel sauce
Spicy Tuna roll 11
Spicy tuna, cucumber, sesame seeds, spicy mayo and Sriracha sauce
Eel roll 9
Smoked eel, cucumber top with sesame seeds and eel sauce
Salmon avocado roll 8
Fresh salmon and avocado
Triple roll 9
Fresh tuna, white tuna and yellow tail top with spicy mayo
Shrimp Tempura roll 9
Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber top with masago
Beautiful Girl roll 12
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, topped with crab stick, tempura, flakes, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tobiko
Love Bird roll (10PCS) 12
Shrimp Tempura, crab stick, tempura flakes, spicy mayo and scallions. Topped with tuna, salmon, avocado and eel sauce
Spider roll 10
Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, lettuce and sesame seeds top with eel sauce
Sunset roll 11
Soft shell crab, avocado, cream cheese top with baked crab salad
Volcano roll 11
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno and avocado top with baked crab salad
Hamachi roll 12
Crab stick, cucumber, avocado and jalapeno top with yellow tail and scallion
Caterpillar roll 11
Tempura shrimp, crab stick, avocado, cucumber top with Avocado and masago
Bengal roll 12
Tempura shrimp, crab stick, avocado and cucumber top with shrimp and spicy mayo
Doggy roll 11
Tempura shrimp, crab salad top with crab stick, spicy mayo, Eel sauce, Srisacha sauce, fried onion and crunchy batter
Black Dragon roll 12
Tempura shrimp, cucumber and avocado top with smoked eel, eel sauce and sesame seeds
Red Dragon roll 12
Tempura shrimp and asparagus top with fresh tuna
Beauty n’ the Beast 12
Avocado, cucumber and crab stick top with tuna and eel
Rainbow roll 12
Avocado, cucumber and crab stick top with tuna, white tuna and salmon
Tiger roll 13
Tempura shrimp, avocado and jalapeno top with salmon and yellow tail
Bama roll 11
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, crab stick and fried whole roll, topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce
Spice roll 13
Tempura shrimp, crab stick, cream cheese and avocado whole roll fried top with baked crab salad, spicy mayo and eel sauce